KSHITIJ CAMERA & SOUND is a camera rental house run by its Proprietor, Mahadev Pednekar, an Inter C.A. and commerce graduate from Mumbai university, take care of day to day affairs.

KSHITIJ CAMERA & SOUND serving a Film & TV Industry by providing a Camera Property on hire from over n decade. Realizing the need for a state-of-the-art 16 mm camera, we thought to acquire an ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS HS camera.

Many Production houses of Bollywood Film Industry and T.V. Channels are using our cameras extensively. Now, decade later, with the growth in demand for the 16mm format and with the success of the first camera, we are introducing ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS HS camera. Now a day's many camera professionals want to work on ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS HS camera wherever shoot take place in 16mm format.

Continuous advances in lenses, film stock and postproduction technologies have elevated the Super 16 film format to new levels of image quality and production efficiency. Super 16 is now routinely used for standard and high definition television productions, feature films, commercials and documentaries, and with stunning results. By shooting Super 16, productions gain many of the advantages of shooting film - the film look, its unsurpassed exposure latitude, natural color reproduction, variable camera speeds, ramps, proven achievability and the fact that film is the only globally accepted standard format - at affordable production costs. The small size and light weight of Super 16 equipment has the extra benefit of easy portability for fast-paced production environments. So we are come up with packages includes a comprehensive set of sharp lenses, filters and accessories. A team of efficient attendants who are knowledgeable and punctual accompany the Cameras.